Thoroughly review all entry materials before submitting your entry.


2019 Entry Kit - Review the entry kit for a thorough outline of all entry requirements.


2019 Entry Form
This form should be used for all Effie Europe categories except Positive Change: Environmental (Brands & Non-Profit), Sustained Success, Marketing & Business Solutions and Best of the Best.


2019 Sustained Success Entry Form
This form must be used for submissions into Sustained Success (former Long-term Effectiveness) category.
NOTE: 3+ years of results are required - results must date back to at least 2015


2019 Positive Change: Environmental Entry Form
This form should be used for the Positive Change Effie Europe's Environmental - Brands and Environmental - Non-Profit categories.
NOTE: Positive Change: Social Cause efforts should use the standard Effie entry form.


2019 Marketing & Business Solutions Entry Form 
This form should be used only for the Marketing & Business Solutions category.


2019 Best of the Best Entry Form 
This form should be used only for the Best of the Best competition.


Effective Entry Guide
Review advice from past Effie judges.
This document provides:
- Brief outline on judging process
- General judge tips on crafting an effective entry
- Specific judge tips for each of the scoring sections.


Case Study Samples
Reviewing winning cases is a great way to see what it takes to earn a Effie Europe Award. Check out previous product&service/specialty category winners here and previous Positive Change winners here.