Milka Tender Words

During the Covid pandemic Milka, one of the world’s most beloved chocolate brands was experiencing substantial losses despite the market of chocolate tablets growing. Moreover in 2021, as pandemic fatigue wore in, consumers spent less on chocolate and the category began to decline. Milka targeted Millennials to regain market share by reconnecting with this demographic […]

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Call Girls

Since 2004, Talita, a non-profit organisation, has been helping women out of prostitution, pornography and human trafficking for sexual purposes and into a functioning life. Like most non-profits, Talita utterly depends on donations from the public. After years where the number of monthly donors was static, it was clear that Talita had to reach a broader audience to pursue its mission to help more women! […]

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Dagoma – Toys Rescue

DAGOMA, a French SME wanted to make a place for itself in the 3D printer market for individuals. Although this technology is generating interest in France, the conversion rate was still low and far from the forecasts made 5 years ago. To address this issue, Dagoma changed its marketing claim from “with 3D printers create without limits” to “with the 3D printer give a second life to your objects.” […]

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Kevin the Carrot - Aldi UK Christmas Commercial

Traditionally, Christmas is a time when shoppers become less loyal, and so food retailers strive to hold onto their existing shoppers whilst enticing new ones so there should have been an opportunity to gain new footfall and increase penetration. Check out how a humble carrot usurped a national treasure to win the UK’s Christmas Ad crown. […]


Case Study: Børns Vilkår Empty Chairs

Børns Vilkår’s “skolens tomme stole” report shows 75.000 children in Denmark miss school because of mental health issues. Addressing the problem, they placed 500 empty chairs in front of the Danish parliament. The story reached 2,7 million Danes within 24 hours and generated an estimated media value of +2.000.000 DKK – with zero media investment. […]

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