Thoroughly review all entry materials before submitting your entry.

2019 Entry Kit
Review the entry kit for a thorough outline of all entry requirements.
2019 Entry Form
This form should be used for all Effie Europe categories except Positive Change: Environmental (Brands & Non-Profit) and Long-term Effectiveness.
2019 Sustained Success Entry Form
This form must be used for submissions into Sustained Success (former Long-term Effectiveness) category.
NOTE: 3+ years of results are required - results must date back to at least 2015.
2019 Positive Change: Environmental Entry Form
This form should be used for the Positive Change Effie Europe's Environmental - Brands and Environmental - Non-Profit categories.
NOTE: Positive Change: Social Cause efforts should use the standard Effie entry form.
Effective Entry Guide
Review advice from past Effie judges.
This document provides:
- Brief outline on judging process
- General judge tips on crafting an effective entry
- Specific judge tips for each of the scoring sections.
Case Study Samples
Reviewing winning cases is a great way to see what it takes to earn a Effie Europe Award. Check out previous product&service/specialty category winners here and previous Positive Change winners here.
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