Michael Chadwick

Head of Strategy, Cheil UK Michael leads the strategy function for Cheil UK, heading up multi-disciplinary teams covering brand, experience and commerce domains. Originally hailing from the UK, Michael has lived in and learned from three different regions (Europe, APAC, and North America), and worked in-depth across all. With a background on both agency and […]

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Sarah Mameri

Head of Planning Strategic, Brainsonic – France More than ten years of experience in communication & marketing strategy with an approach that always puts people above the system. A multidisciplinary approach: looking for good practices in other industries or cultures. An empirical method: listen, observe, and analyze in order to build sustainable advertising and business model.  […]

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Radek Miklaszewski

Director of Business Development, BBDO – Poland Radek has been involved in marketing communication for more than 20 years. His resume includes work in one of the biggest advertising agencies and media companies in Poland. He gained experience while working in business development and international cooperation departments in the media agency OMD Poland. Afterwards he […]

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Petra Novotná

Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing Communication, Slovak Telekom – Slovakia Petra is experienced manager with more than 15 years of experience, forming one of the biggest brands in Slovakia. She has been holding various positions in different areas of marketing communication in telco sector with main focus on media and brand & communication strategy. Apart from […]

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Peter Stopiak

Head of Marketing Communication & online, VUB Bank – Slovakia Peter is Head of Marketing Communication at VUB bank, the 2nd biggest bank in Slovakia, and has more than 20 years of experience as a marketing professional. He spent most of his career in financial and telecommunication sectors. Working for various multinational corporations provided him extensive […]

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Mehrnaz Benje

CEO, Garbergs – Sweden Mehrnaz is the CEO of Garbergs, an award-winning agency ranked among the best and most creative in Sweden. In her daily role as Client Service Director, she’s responsible for the agency’s most important customers – from the strictly commercial branding of Stockholm’s no. 1 department store to the successful money-raising, in support […]

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