Arthur O’Neil

Arthur O’Neill Head of Invention Worldwide – Mindshare UK Arthur is Joint Head of Invention Worldwide at Mindshare. In his role, Arthur oversees creativity and innovation for global clients, which includes anything from creative media & tech, to media futures, influencers, branded content, sponsorship and partnership. He helps future fit brands through emerging channels and […]

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Alena Popovičová

Alena Popovičová Head of Marketing Communication – Tatra Banka Slovakia Alena has been employed at Tatra banka since 2015, initially joining as a senior brand manager for the Raiffeisen bank brand. Subsequently, she transitioned to the Internal Communication department, actively engaging in various exciting initiatives like the launch of the employer branding. As of July […]

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Alexander Faxo

Alexander Faxo Senior Social & Brand Activation Strategist – Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Denmark Alexander is a Senior Brand Activation Strategist at Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, an independent Danish agency. In his role, Alexander collaborates with a diverse portfolio of commercial clients, as well as numerous NGOs and governmental organizations dedicated to driving positive change. Some notable […]

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Francesco Caccamese

Francesco Caccamese Senior strategist – Mortierbrigade Francesco Caccamese is currently Senior Strategist at Mortierbrigade. In the 18 years he has been active in advertising and consulting, he has provided his services to an array of clients, from automotive powerhouses like Fiat Chrysler and BMW, to FMCG, to telecom, financial services, and more. Besides his engagements […]

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Case Study: Børns Vilkår Empty Chairs

Børns Vilkår’s “skolens tomme stole” report shows 75.000 children in Denmark miss school because of mental health issues. Addressing the problem, they placed 500 empty chairs in front of the Danish parliament. The story reached 2,7 million Danes within 24 hours and generated an estimated media value of +2.000.000 DKK – with zero media investment. […]

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