Marek Tomalak

Vice President, Liquid Refreshmant Beverages, Po1, PepsiCo – Russia Marek is currently leading PepsiCo Beverages & Juices Marketing function across  Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Caucasus and Central Asia. Prior to his appointment as Vice President LRB RUBUCCA, Marek was CEO of PepsiCo Ukraine and previously Senior Marketing Director for East Europe Beverages  & Innovations.  With over 16 years […]

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Mika Hyötyläinen

VP of Marketing, Neste – Finland Obsessed with measuring marketing effectiveness, Mika has built data-oriented marketing organisations in Telia as well as in Neste. If ROMI were something to eat, it would be Mika’s favourite meal. Although this marketing director is always pushing for data-driven actions, he also likes to lift his feet firmly off […]

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Marie-Charlotte Belmonte

Deputy General Manager, MRM, Paris – France For 15 years she has been working in the online strategy & communication business, in-site design in addition to collateral production, branding, marketing communications, metrics analysis & problem solving. High level strategic thinking, solid client consultancy skills and well-proven experience in new business. Project management with expertise in […]

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